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Mosaic Earth Travel offers multi-day small group tours in the West Chilcotin region from Williams Lake to Bella Coola, combining nature-based adventure, wildlife viewing, sightseeing, and cultural immersion. Travelling in our comfortable 12-passenger van, this is the ultimate BC road trip and includes stays at locally-owned Bed & Breakfasts and a guest ranch. Highlights include: a visit to Xat’sull Heritage Village, hiking the sand dunes in Farwell Canyon, staying at a classic Guest Ranch and horseback riding, float plane tour to Turner Lakes and Hunlen Falls, grizzly bear viewing in Bella Coola, Indigenous-led cultural tours, and more. Partnering with local businesses and guides, our tours are designed to deeply immerse travelers in the region, to educate on the natural environment and Indigenous culture, and to support rural communities through tourism. Group, custom, and private tours are available from June to October. Get off-the-beaten-path this summer, and leave the planning to us.

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Journey to West Chilcotin Valid starting 10/19/2022 until 08/31/2023

Get ready for a unique adventure exploring the West Chilcotin. Limited spots available for August 23-31, 2023.

  • Embrace the rural ranching culture of the Chilcotin Plateau with a stay at a Guest Ranch and horseback riding.

  • Hike to the top of the sand dunes overlooking Farwell Canyon.

  • Embark on a float plane tour over the expansive ice fields, glaciers and alpine lakes.

  • Learn about the Indigenous culture of the region.

  • Visit the iconic Hunlen Falls

  • Enjoy a walking tour with a guide from the Nuxalk First Nation into a sacred forest.

  • Immerse in grizzly bear country with an afternoon gently rafting down the Atnarko River.

  • Journey into the Great Bear Rainforest on a marine tour of the glacial fjords west of Bella Coola.

  • Experience homestyle cooking and hospitality at locally-owned lodges and B&Bs.

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