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Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Characters - Tim Milne

Fishing near Klemtu | Mike Wigle
fishing great bear rainforest

Tim Milne | Big Coast

When it comes to media coverage of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast there are only a few people who have the breadth of experience that this episode’s guest has. In this episode, our host, Jason Ryll, chats with the host and executive producer of Big Coast TV Tim Milne. Tim’s been exploring the central coast of BC as part of his television show for over a decade, but also has an incredibly interesting previous life in professional sports. As an Olympian coach, skier, snowboarder, fisherman and guide, along with his long-time television background, Tim’s new passion is showing off the Great Bear Rainforest. His work with the indigenous communities along the coast has been life-transforming for him and highly educational too!

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