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Megan McCulloug - Full of Heart in Quesnel

Megan is passionate about Quesnel, it’s gorgeous scenery, and the unique lifestyle it can offer. Dog mushing allows her to get out on the trail for quality fun time for herself and the dogs. She’d love to see young people get into this fun sport to keep the activity going strong.

“Mushing, it’s definitely important to me that it keeps going…it’s really great and I think it’s kind of overlooked because there is a lot of easier winter activities to do, but none as rewarding, in my opinion.”

You can see Megan and her team, as well as experiencing history in action, with the Sled Dog Mail Run, one of the best Dog mushing events in Canada. It’s one of the only mushing events in Canada that carries actual Canada Post mail – running from Quesnel to Barkerville, just like in the Gold Rush days.

“People come out to watch it, and support it. All the mushers come from near and far…it’s amazing.”