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Chaunigan Lake Lodge

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Stunning mountain scenery, wild horses, abundant wildlife, spectacular lake views, beautifully appointed hand-crafted log building. Relax, unwind and recharge. Hear the loon’s beautiful tremolo laughing call. The eagle’s wing beat as it swoops down and snatches a wild trout from the water. Enjoy the wilderness silence, the scent of wildflowers and pine forests. Smile as you listen to the deep, soft hoots of the great horned owl outside your cozy log cabin at night. Canoe, boat, fish, hike, spot wildflowers and wildlife, and relax below the stars, rediscover the primal glory of the wild. A Chaunigan vacation will move your soul to dance, awaken new understandings of wisdom, make the sky more beautiful and leave footprints of an amazing vacation on your heart.

This business is currently planning to welcome visitors for the 2021 season. However, they would still be happy to help you now as you plan your future travel adventures. Please reach out to this business via their phone number, email and/or website information below for inquiries and/or booking information.

Chaunigan Lake, Cariboo, Nemaiah, BC