Land Without Limits

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Land of Hidden Waters

Sheridan Lake, BC | Sheridan Lake Resort

Discover and delight in BC’s Land of Hidden Waters, the area surrounding BC’s famed “Fishing Highway” (Highway 24), running between 93 Mile on Highway 97 and Little Fort on Highway 5 – extending north to the Cariboo Mountains and south to Loon lake and 70 Mile House. As fishing and outdoor enthusiasts can attest, this region is known for its access to hundreds of crystal clear lakes supplying some of BC’s best freshwater fishing as well as offering the opportunity to indulge in watersports, camping, and exploration. In the winter, these same lakes afford the chance for exceptional ice fishing, for those who cannot wait for the spring thaw to drop a line.

Whether fly fishing, trolling or spin casting as the tool of choice, fishing for rainbow, lake and brook trout (as well as other fish) is as easy as finding a lake in the Land of Hidden Waters.