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Chilcotin Holidays

Chilcotin Holidays

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Here at Chilcotin Holidays, each and every wilderness adventure will allow you to fully engage and bond with the natural world around you. Our wilderness adventures will empower you; allowing you to reconnect with nature and yourself. Chilcotin Holidays’ philosophies of self-development and pursuit of wilderness knowledge will give you the opportunity to go off-grid, get away from the city noise and escape the ordinary. Here, at Chilcotin Holidays, you will have an adventure of a lifetime and leave with life long memories.

Wolf Tracking
Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime wolf tracking adventure, and discover the essence of true Canadian wildlife. By witnessing wolves in their natural habitat, you will be able to enjoy the rare insight into their lives and behaviour. Hear the mysterious, haunting howl of a wolf echoing through the valley, feel the spine-tingling rush as you spot your first wolf, and relish in the opportunity to re-connect with the wildlife that shapes the heart of the Canadian Wilderness at Chilcotin Holidays.

Mountain Lion Tracking
The sheer challenge of tracking an animal, which is designed for stealth, infuses every part of this journey with thrill and anticipation. As you learn the art of tracking down the mountain lion, you will experience a different side of nature; witnessing how each detail takes on new significance as you track an animal that survives by making itself invisible at Chilcotin Holidays.

Eagle Scouting
Eagles in flight are truly a wonder to behold. You will likely get to observe the birds up-close as they scavenge for food across the frozen, rugged terrain. You will get to see their remarkable agility and effortless grace as they soar through the open skies. Your wilderness guide will share fascinating insights about the eagles and the wilderness they thrive in, as you relish in some of the most breathtaking wilderness in British Columbia at Chilcotin Holidays.

Bighorn Sheep Viewing
The South Chilcotin Mountains holds some of the best Bighorn Sheep viewing opportunities that British Columbia has to offer. Journey with our expert guides, and witness the power of these extraordinary animals as they battle it out amongst the mountain-tops. This short, intense show-down before each rut injects new energy and excitement into wildlife viewing. You will not only leave with stunning, frame-worthy photographs, but will return home with a new appreciation for the endless depths of power that are within us all; stirring up the courage and resolve to make your own waves in life at Chilcotin Holidays.

Wilderness Horseback Guide Training
Our Wilderness Horseback Guide training program is amongst the most challenging, fulfilling, and confidence-inspiring experiences that you will ever come across. You will be trained on-site at our active guest ranch, before you ride into the mountains on a back country horseback trip to hone-in your newly acquired skills. We integrate personal development and leadership training into every aspect of our guide training. This hands-on format is suitable for individuals with a range of outdoors and horse experience. Even complete beginners are welcome at Chilcotin Holidays.

Bushcraft Canada: The Basics
Get ready to become one with nature as you learn bush craft skills that will empower you to see the wilderness with new eyes. As you discover how to use the bountiful resources that nature provides, everything around you becomes a useful, life-giving material. You will be armed with bush craft skills and working knowledge, which will enable you to experience nature in a more authentic way, along with the confidence to embark on your own wilderness adventures at Chilcotin Holidays.

River And Stream Fly Fishing
Our fly fishing getaways will bring you closer to nature and to this time-honoured sport. Fly fishing is one of the few sports that invites you to fully savour every moment of the journey, even as you keep the end goal in sight. Chilcotin Holidays provides endless opportunities for you to connect with nature and reconnect with your family and friends. We have found that every journey through nature, whether you?re fly fishing for trout or trail riding through the mountains, creates meaningful moments for families and imparts life-changing lessons to those who are paying attention. Therefore, while our fishing trips fully embrace the tradition of fly fishing, these journeys also welcome the richness of this wilderness into each and every moment at Chilcotin Holidays.

Wildlife And Wildflower Photography
The South Chilcotin Mountains Park is one of the few remaining places on the planet that can honestly claim to be wild. When you visit, you will be taken by our guides, either on horseback or by foot, into the mountains to produce some of the most memorable photographs of wildlife and landscapes that you will ever have the opportunity to capture. Depending on the time of year, you have the opportunity to view and photograph wildflowers, Grizzly and Black bears, mountain goats and other wildlife. You will also have the opportunity to capture majestic mountain peaks, expansive river valleys and mountain meadows in full bloom, depending of the season. At the ranch, you will also get the opportunity to take pictures of an authentic western style ranch life at Chilcotin Holidays.

Snowmobiling: Self-Guided Adventures
For those who prefer to enjoy sledding the mountain-tops independently, Chilcotin Holidays offers you the opportunity to do so. You can stay in one of our private log cabins, and explore our favourite alpine valleys, with your own snowmobile. By going self-guided, you will have the opportunity to spend your days in the unparalleled beauty of the Chilcotin mountain range. This can be achieved either on your own, or with friends and family; allowing you to reconnect with yourself, loved ones, and the wilderness around you at Chilcotin Holidays.

Skiing: Self-Guided Adventures
Each snow-covered slope invites you deeper still into the heart-pounding and soul-stirring majesty of true wilderness skiing. You will be able to lay down fresh tracks and scope out new routes; creating your own moment-by-moment adventure. The entire mountain is your playground, so indulge your inner explorer as you chart your own path through the back country. Your sense of adventure and skiing prowess has full license to lead you through each twist and turn that beckon you to another unforgettable moment. You will enjoy the exclusive location of our mountain cabin, in the heart of the best skiing these mountains have to offer at Chilcotin Holidays.

Ranch Accommodation
Are you looking for a chance to get away from city life and spend time in the wilderness? Then our private ranch cabins provide the perfect wilderness retreat to disconnect from the city and reconnect to yourself and nature. From our cabins you can ride, bike, fish or hike the Gun Creek area. Enjoy the break from WiFi and television and get involved with our Add-On Activities such as horseback riding, archery and hiking to make the most of your time at the ranch.

Mountain Cabin Accommodation
Do you need a break from the rush of city life and experience true wilderness? Then our rustic mountain cabins provide the perfect wilderness retreat to disconnect from the city and reconnect to yourself and nature. Your own mountain retreat is where you can ride, bike, fish, hike, snowmobile or ski depending on each camp’s unique location. Get back to basics by splitting wood, packing water from the creek, making a campfire and cooking outside. Enjoy the break from WiFi and television.

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