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Here at Chilcotin Holidays, each and every wilderness adventure will allow you to fully engage and connect with the natural world around you. Our wilderness adventures will empower you; allowing you to not only reconnect with nature but also with yourself. Chilcotin Holidays’ 3-pillar philosophy of personal development, nature conservation and nature connection will give you the opportunity to go off-grid, get away from the city noise and escape the ordinary. Here, at Chilcotin Holidays, you will have an adventure of a lifetime and leave with lifelong memories. More importantly, after your adventure you will find yourself transformed and have more clarity on your interests, goals and purpose.

We offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like wolf and mountain lion tracking, eagle scouting, and bighorn sheep viewing. Join one of our guides for the wilderness horseback guide training, bushcraft course, or wildlife photography guided tour. Or venture out on your own to enjoy the region’s abundant river and stream fly fishing, snowmobiling, and background skiing.

Accommodations include private ranch log-cabins and our rustic mountain cabins in the backcountry.

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Special offers

Conservation Horsepack Trips Valid starting 04/01/2024 until 09/01/2024

Join us on a special and truly unique conservation trip to contribute to conservation and stewardship in the Chilcotin Ark. The Chilcotin Ark is a unique ecosystem with high biodiversity. On a conservation trip you will get first-hand experience on how you can contribute to the conservation of the Chilcotin Ark. These trips are a unique and limited opportunity to discover the wilderness, to connect to nature and to contribute to conservation.

August 11th – 17th – California Bighorn Sheep Lamb Count: Spend your days riding your horse across the mountain tops and glassing the slopes for California Bighorn Sheep. California Bighorn Sheep is a unique species which is considered at risk. It is important to continuously work on habitat management programs to ensure healthy populations. Our yearly lamb counts provide great insights into population numbers and helps us to shape our conservation efforts.

September 8th-14th – Whitebark Pine Nut Collection: Whitebark Pine Nut Collection – Conservation Trip in September 2024. A unique experience to discover the wilderness, connect with nature and contribute to Conservation. The Whitebark Pine is an endangered 5 needle species and only has cones every three years. To ensure this special species continues, it is important to conserve its habitat but also to collect the nuts to plant them in areas where the Whitebark Pine is endangered. The Whitebark Pine nuts are only ripe enough to harvest in September.


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