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For the W’ui’kinuxv (O-wik-en-o), stewardship is a shared responsibility with Grizzly Bears, who are the keepers of the land. The vast wilderness in the Central Coast region of British Columbia is W’ui’kinuxv Territory. For more than 14,000 years, the W’ui’kinuxv have cared for the lands and waters applying ancestral knowledge passed down through generations. We welcome you to be our guest in W’ui’kinuxv Territory, where you will encounter noble Grizzly Bears, stunning waterfalls and exalted mountains.

H’aiagal’ath Grizzly Bear Tours Inc. is an Indigenous-owned and operated business offering ecologically sustainable and culturally authentic wilderness experiences deep in the Great Bear Rainforest. Join us to experience W’ui’kinuxv richness, which lies in our Territory, our culture and our history. Immerse yourself while enjoying a memorable bear and wilderness viewing adventure in beautiful Rivers Inlet, British Columbia.

Rivers Inlet

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W’ui’kinuxv Day Tour Valid starting 02/27/2023 until 10/15/2023

Be our guest for the day to experience wilderness, wildlife and culture in W’ui’kinuxv Territory. A scenic boat ride, W’ui’kinuxv stories and our knowledgeable Grizzly Bear tour guides will build memories to last a lifetime. You may be lucky enough to observe grizzlies feeding on the abundant food resources, fishing salmon from river channels and foraging rich vegetation in the Kilbella estuary. It is always possible that a bear sighting will not occur during a tour. In a wilderness setting, the bears show up when they want to.

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