Land Without Limits
The Company House, Ocean Falls

The Company House

​The Company House is a self-catering, luxury whole-house rental available for groups of up to 14 people in 5 available rooms, each with a bath.

There are 2 rooms available, each with a queen size bed, 1 room with 2 double beds, 1 room with a double bed and 2 bunk beds, all with 4-piece bath and  and 1 overflow room with a king size bed and 3-piece bath in the lower level.

There is a fully-equipped kitchen, dining room and large living / entertainment room on the main level and exercise room and laundry in the lower level.

Rates start at $250 per night plus taxes for the first two people in one room and $100 for each additional room that is used. The Company House has a 5-day minimum booking.

Ocean Falls, BC