Land Without Limits

Amy Thacker - Full of Heart in Springhouse

Amy’s passion for rural tourism is only surpassed by her enthusiasm for spending time on her farm, raising animals and growing food to share:

“What makes me passionate about farming where I live is that I can share it with other people. I love spending time with the livestock and in my garden. I love to be able to share food and culture and tradition in social ways and show people that things they think can’t be grown here actually can.”

Why does she love living in Springhouse, a small community 27 km (17 mi) south of Williams Lake? She has a hard time choosing individual moments but a few common threads stand out:

“I have hundreds of moments where I’ve felt appreciation for our region. People showing up to help people, some of the hardest tribulations that we’ve been through in wildfires, floods, and mine breaches. Watching community come together to care for one another and to lift each other up – makes me proud of where we live and what we do and share.”

In everything she commits to, Amy believes that the region holds untapped potential and unlimited opportunities for excellence.

“Tourism is important to me because it is a sustainable way that gives back to the people of this region. It is an authentic way to share culture, to share economy, to provide livelihoods and allow people to be independent and confident when they are still able to live in rural settings in the countryside that they love.”

“What truly fills my heart is happiness in what I get to do every day in the ability to help people and give pack, and to find that passion and love around us every day.”