Land Without Limits

Brenda & Kurt Van Ember - Full of Heart in Riske Creek

Home is where the heart is, and that saying couldn’t be more true for Brenda & Kurt Van Ember, who found their heart in the Chilcotin plateau upon becoming owners of The Historic Chilcotin Lodge.

“When we first saw this building and this area, coming up the hill on the plateau was quite a remarkable sight. We sort of had a feeling that this was the right place.” Kurt recounts, “I love this region because of the people who live in it, who work in it, it’s a wonderful place to be.” 

Brenda’s passion for horses harmonizes with a deep-seated desire to be a part of the community in Riske Creek, where she feels part of something bigger:

“We’ve felt community since we’ve moved here. The Community survives together; if one person is not doing well everyone goes to that person and makes them well. I just love being a part of this community.”

As a team, Kurt and Brenda welcome travellers to the historic 1940s hunting lodge that was once a post office, general store, and refuge. Each day the pair aim to provide their guests with the best experience possible as they invite guests to enjoy one of the last remaining authentic lodging facilities in the Chilcotin. 

Kurt’s philosophy is simple, “Whatever you do, do it the best you can, and try to do it better the next day…if you accomplish something every day, make something better, that’s my goal”

Together Brenda and Kurt are living their dream, Brenda says.

“Our dream…is here. Seeing somebody smile, and being part of it, feeling like I’ve helped someone in some way, that fills my heart.”