Land Without Limits

Dave Jorgenson - Full of Heart in Wells

Exploring the Bowron Lakes Chain and Cariboo Mountains as a professional guide is just one way that Dave shares his love of the region he calls home.

“I feel successful when I create an experience for someone that touches them. We have this amazingly undeveloped wilderness here.”

Dave has helped others explore the breadth of experiences across all four seasons in the region and he encourages visitors to come back often, as there’s always more to discover:

“Every experience of a place is cumulative. When I am sitting in a canoe on the edge of the Bowron Marsh, it’s that moment. It has a way that affects you that’s really subtle and really deep. I love seeing it happen to other people.”

In parallel to guiding, Dave stays involved in his community and the surrounding area, because, in his words, “Community is important to me because I like sharing. I want other people to experience the things that I’m experiencing and community is the largest version of that.”