Land Without Limits

David Craig Sibley - Full of Heart in Lillooet

Every day, David Craig gets to start his morning taking in the beauty of Lillooet while he starts crafting fresh-baked, locally-sourced goods.

“Bakers get to see the sunrise every morning…I have a view of the mountains from all the windows in my bakery.”

David Craig and his wife Dana visited Lillooet in 2011 on a spontaneous camping trip and fell in love with the landscape. After investing in some property and visiting regularly, they decided to make the move permanently and start a new chapter of their lives. 

“We came up here after our life changed very dramatically for ourselves in Vancouver and Lillooet was our place to retreat to and gather ourselves again…”

Opening up Abundance Artisan Bakery, the couple saw a way to fill a need in the community.

“This town has embraced us like you would not believe. It makes Lillooet home…I can’t express how meaningful it is. There’s a real authentic strain of people here that you just can’t get enough of.”

“Starting a business in Lillooet, they basically rolled out the red carpet for us in the sense that they wanted what we had to offer and they made it absolutely possible”

David Craig and Dana have returned the community’s kindness by dedicating themselves to supporting local food producers and keeping in tune with the land that surrounds them. 

“I think the biggest thing for me is the connection that a bakery can have with the land. In this region there are so many incredible farmers and ranchers – so as a baker, as a chef I’m able to access, I would say some of the best food in the world.”

But more than anything, David Craig and Dana are proud to call Lillooet home because of how warmly the community embraces visitors and locals alike. The genuine connections between people are what make it such a special place.

“What truly fills my heart is to bring people to experience what keeps us here – the people.”