Land Without Limits

David Shand - Full of Heart in Skulow Lake

Pharmacist David Shand’s love of the Cariboo started with summer vacations visiting from Victoria and staying in a little cabin on the lake. For the last four years, he’s called Skulow Lake, near Williams Lake, his home.

“I love this region because you have nature at your fingertips.”

Why choose the Cariboo? David’s answer is easy:

“In the Cariboo, there’s a very big sense of community, and everybody has this intrinsic sense of needing to take care of each other. You notice it with the first nations, you notice it in the population here…here you know that people will always take care of you…it’s a neat sense of community.”

Having moved here to raise a family, getting out into nature is a priority when it comes to spending time with his kids, “I can’t wait to get outside with them and get them running around…and just share everything we have here with them.”

And nature isn’t hard to find when you live lakeside…

“I can’t believe how easy and how close it is and how I can walk out my door and it’s quiet and serene, and I’m surrounded by absolute beauty.”

In moving to the Cariboo with his family, David is pretty sure that he’s found the secret to success: “Happiness and opportunity…they sort of go hand in hand and it’s hard to measure either. But one thing about the Cariboo is they’ve opportunities to do so many different things. To me, that’s success.”