Land Without Limits

Ezra Mecham - Full of Heart in Bella Coola

Bella Coola Valley

Born and raised in the Bella Coola Valley, Ezra is dedicated to making a difference in the community he lives in. Leading by example, Ezra is a youth leader, professional forester for the Nuxalk Nation, and loves being in nature.

“I love this region because it’s so diverse…everywhere you go something is a little bit different.”

“What truly fills my heart is to be out in the woods, out in the middle of nowhere.”

Wherever Ezra goes in the Bella Coola Valley, he feels a deep connection with his surroundings and aims to find a way to bring about positive change.  

“The core essence of the Nuxalk people is our connection to the fish and connection to the land…we need to do something good with it.” 

“I am really excited about the future for this valley… for the Nuxalk Nation and Bella Coola Valley to set the bar high… to learn what the community wants and how to move forward with that.”