Land Without Limits

Geoff Moore - Full of Heart in Williams Lake

Motorcross champion, ice racer, speed skier, pilot  – Geoff has done it all in a storied career that has taken him all over the world. But to Geoff, Williams Lake and its surroundings are truly a piece of paradise:

“I used to travel around the world, as a younger person I was curious about other places. I kept looking for paradise and I kept coming back home. Finally, I realized that this is paradise, I didn’t have to chase it, I didn’t have to look for it.”

“I love this region because of the people, I love this region because of the dynamic opportunities and the attitude and the sort of ‘frontier sprirt,’ you know. “

Today Geoff shares his love of the Cariboo through photography, as a fishing and hunting guide, and by connecting media to the region as a travel media and film manager. Throughout all his work Geoff shares a passion and enthusiasm for the community, culture, and wilderness in the Land without Limits where he lives.

“The people in this region are just here because of their choice, they want to be here and that rubs off on me – I share that passion with everyone that I meet. It seems that all the visitors that come here and those people that come and enrich our lives and live a little bit of themselves behind, and they leave it a better place than when they got here. It makes us all richer.”