Land Without Limits

Jenn Lewis - Full of Heart in Wells

After a storied history working for TEDxVancouver, teaching theatre and film at the University of British Columbia and sound design, film and foundation at Vancouver Film School, Jenn chose the small town of Wells to settle and focus on telling story with sound as the Director and Sound Supervisor of Maple Syrup Sound. But why Wells?

“I love this region because I feel like I’m myself here. When I first came up to Wells, I was kind of blown away by the number of people who welcomed me.”

“There’s a great deal of satisfaction in having control over your life. There’s nothing like having that choice without compromise. Moving to Wells has given me the ability to make those choices.”

For Jenn, Wells is just the place to be to find friendly faces, a welcoming community, and the ability to choose what you’d like to do.