Land Without Limits

Mike King - Full of Heart in Bluff Lake

“You never, ever forget where you came from…where your beginning was”

Mike King certainly doesn’t forget. As the Owner and Chief Pilot of White Saddle Air Services, his introduction to the Chilcotin involved getting above it all.

“When we first came up here I had a little Bell 47 helicopter and spent pretty well the whole summer flying German tourists around…they always have a good story and like to hear my stories too.”

Besides entertaining tourists and taking them on tours through the Coast Mountain Range and Cariboo Chilcotin Plateau from the home base near Mount Waddington, Mike gets to see a side of the region that few are lucky enough to experience.

“I get to see probably more than any person has seen around here…when you see the mountains in the background – it’s a relaxing feeling…’there’s home’ and it makes you feel good.”

Home includes a successful, family-run business with son Patrick as Maintenance Manager & Engineer and wife Audrey as General Manager. The White Saddle Ranch Country Inn, located at the home base, is also owned and operated by family members Dave and Lori.

But why Bluff Lake? Mike says, “I love this region because it’s a good place to work; it’s a really nice place to raise your children. Getting out in the morning, especially on a nice day, the sun is shining and the mountains are glowing. No traffic, no nothing. It’s very quiet and peaceful.”

“It’s just a good place to be.”