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Spring Views in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

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Spring has arrived in full force, painting its colors and scents throughout the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast, offering a sense of renewal and regeneration. Grab your backpack and step outside to marvel at the amazing spring views as you hike, bike, kayak, canoe, or simply seek out the best spots to unwind and take in the scenery (and snap a few photos). Keep an eye out for local wildlife as it begins to awaken from its winter slumber, and perhaps try your hand at fishing as the ice begins to thaw. The possibilities are endless, and below you can find a few themed photo galleries from visitors to fuel your spring travel inspiration.

Spring Views: From the Creeks to the Mountain Tops

As winter bids us farewell and the new season sheds its shyness, it’s hard not to be amazed by the vast array of spring views unfolding before us: rivers flow steadily, plains burst their vibrant green, and the imponent glacier-topped mountains watch over us in the background.

Perhaps you want to stay around the southern part of the Gold Rush Trail and investigate Lillooet and its rugged rocky landscape? Or head to the northern tip and check out Wells and its outdoor adventures that lure mountain bikers from around the globe. If you want to be near water, Tatla Lake in the west and its prominent rainbow trout fishing never ceases to amaze angling aficionados. If you choose to go east for some sightseeing, you can do no wrong with Horsefly for some tranquil camping and hiking. Wherever your journey leads, rest assured you’ll capture fantastic photography as you explore.

Wildlife Wonders: Nature’s Beauty Coming to Life

The sheer diversity of fauna is magnificently showcased during the spring, as migratory birds return to rest on their way north, slumbering bears awaken from hibernation, and four-legged residents like California bighorn sheep, moose, and elk traverse the land, amidst the breathtaking backdrop of spring views.

Over 250 species of birds make their home in the Cariboo Mountains. Birdwatchers can begin their quest in Williams Lake and go west along Highway 20 through a spectrum of landscapes: lakes, grasslands, dry forests, mountains and rainforest. You can stay in the Chilcotin Plateau to spot American White Pelicans mingling with Common Loon, Western Grebe, Cinnamon Teal, and Osprey out on the lakes. Meanwhile, the wild and remote Yohetta Wilderness area shelters mountain goats, bighorn sheep, bobcats, and wolverines.

Head towards the coast to encounter truly unique species in the Great Bear Rainforest, and embark on wildlife safaris featuring luxurious waterfront lodges, where you can spot eagles, wolves, dolphins, and whales. The region is also home to a diverse collection of salmon, various bird species, black-tailed deer, gray wolves, grizzly bears, and black bears.

Fantastic Flora: Serenity Amidst Colors and Blossoms

Witness the transformation of spring views as you watch trees blossom, hillsides come alive with wildflowers, and an explosion of colour along lower mountain reaches and the valley floor. Explore the most scenic spots throughout the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast this spring and immerse yourself in the beauty of the season.

Known for its stunning canyon views and wildflower displays, Farwell Canyon is a great spot to see a variety of spring blooms. Alternatively, the mysterious and remote Bella Coola Valley offers a lush valley home to diverse flora, with vibrant wildflowers carpeting the meadows and hillsides. If you want to stay south, Churn Creek is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and has no shortage of picturesque grasslands and exquisite flora.

Pack your things, grab your best camera, and get ready to see spring for yourself – start planning your trip by browsing special offers, exploring road trips and downloading our regional travel guide

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