Land Without Limits

David Arlen Park - Full of Heart in Clinton

Nature, history, community and family are David’s top priorities, and returning to live in his hometown of Clinton has provided them in spades. After growing up entrenched in cowboy and forest industry culture, David went off to pursue his dream of becoming a singer, returning home to start a business and raise a family.

“The favourite things about living in Clinton is the fact that I can walk outside my house and be in nature in 2 minutes, I can be at a lake fishing in 15-20 minutes, so nature is a big part of it. I like a place where there is four seasons.”

Paired with the ability to get away from it all is the feeling of community in Clinton, where, as David says, “Everybody knows everybody, and they look out for everybody.”

“What truly fills my heart – simple things like good friends, great family, good food, and a good drink once in a while. Bring joy and love, that’s what I tell my kids.”

With a family history dating back generations to the gold rush and First Nations, David connects with Clinton’s history every day.

“The great thing about starting a business in a small town is…the history of this town, 120 years ago there were vendors, there were blacksmiths and delivery stables. I’m on the same street that stagecoaches were going by, and here I am 120 years later serving espresso to cowboys!”

“Raising a family in the same place where I grew up, that’s what makes it great.”