Land Without Limits

Tahirih Goffic - Full of Heart in Hagensborg

Tahirih’s life journey wound through ups and downs across many professions until she found her peace and balance as the owner and operator of Dragonfly Studio Gallery and Cafe in the Bella Coola Valley – where she not only spends her days creating delicious baked goods and wholesome meals for her patrons but also finds the time to paint her idyllic surroundings.

Tahirih’s passion is not just for work, but for family and the joy of the creative process, however that may present itself:

“What truly fills my heart is my kids, my family, and my big black dog… when I’m at the easel and somethings coming out that I didn’t expect, and it’s working.”

Originally from Quensel, Tahirih was drawn to the Bella Coola Valley for its sense of community and feeling like a part of something. And, of course, its fantastic surroundings of forest, field, and mountain:

“The natural beauty is probably my favourite thing about here. I mean it is…stunning…there’s this little section of incredible, magical forest. It’s filled with moss and green and ferns, and it’s this magical little walk. And it comes out in this open field where you have this incredible view of the granite-faced mountains all the way down the valley to Nutsatsum and it’s just this stunning, stunning spot.”

Helping others connect deeply with the experiences in the region is something Tahirih loves to do, and while she is aware that tourism is a large part of the economy in the Bella Coola Valley, she knows it must be approached with sensitivity and awareness:

“The thing that is most important to us involved in tourism is offering the place and the residents and the Nuxhalk people respect.”

Above all, Tahirih wants to share her enthusiasm for where she lives with those that visit, “We have so much to offer and we get to share the beauty of this place with people.”