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10 Reasons to Visit the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast this Winter

Retreat Wilderness Inn | Jonny Bierman

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is an ideal destination year-round, but we think winter deserves a special mention. The soft blanket of snow covering most of the region reinforces the sense of peace and solitude that this area is known for, and from coast to mountains, you can find plenty to keep busy, should you wish, or simply relax and recharge.

Reason 1: Cozy Winter Cabins

The silent season pairs with crisp mountain air and star-strewn night skies, ideal for enjoying with a cup of cocoa bundled up by the window of your cozy cabin. Curl up with a good book and fun company during the day, or head out to explore the wilderness. Return to homecooked meals, recaps of a day spent in nature, and learn more about what makes the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast spectacular from local proprietors – so you have even more insight as to where you should head next.

Reason 2: Local Ski Hills

Try an “unhurried and unworried” approach to your ski trip this year. Escape the crowds at metropolitan ski hills and discover low-key downhill skiing and snowboarding, exceptional terrain, budget-friendly ticket prices, and tons of other winter activities to keep you busy off the slopes in the Cariboo and beyond.

Reason 3: Trails

Your next backcountry adventure awaits as you feel the snow crunch beneath your feet on local trails. Head out hiking, or grab some snowshoes or cross-country skis so you can delve deeper into nature. Discover picturesque viewpoints, frozen lakes and waterfalls, and, if you’re lucky, spot a fox or two enjoying a dig in the snow.

Reason 4: Incredible Scenery

Regardless of where you choose to visit this winter, ensure you bring your camera! Capture starry skies, frozen landscapes, incredible viewpoints, and places few have seen before. Don’t forget to get a few portraits to remember your visit by, and feel free to share on Instagram by tagging @carchicoa so we can see and share.

Reason 5: Snowmobiling!

Journey along fluffy trails through the white wilderness, climbing up and down mountainous terrain (on approved trails) for an adrenaline rush to find that next incredible viewpoint to stop and ponder. Several snowmobile clubs dot the region and can help you pinpoint where you should bring your sled next.

Reason 6: Family-Friendly Fun

There is no shortage of family-friendly winter activities to enjoy while visiting the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast. Young families can spend time skating frozen ponds and lakes or sledding local hills. More adventurous families can visit local ski hills or head out on backcountry adventures for a day of interaction and bonding before heading back to a home-away-from-home for hearty meals and hot cocoa.

Reason 7: Ice Fishing

Learn to ice fish with a guided ice fishing trip with Lone Butte Fishing Adventures along BC’s fishing highway – Highway 24 or pack your gear and head out on your own, checking with local resources before you set up for the day to ensure the ice is safe.

Reason 8: Winter Wildlife Viewing

Even in the depth of the winter months, there is still plenty of wildlife for you to admire. Several bird species stick around through the colder months, while lynx and foxes can be spotted by looking for their next meal scurrying under the snow if you’re quiet and patient. Larger species including bighorn sheep, moose, elk, and deer are also prevalent in winter and spend time travelling through the wide open spaces here while they forage for food to see them through to spring.

Reason 9: Heliskiing

Heli-skiing tours started in British Columbia, so it’s no surprise that it has become a destination people return to year after year. Home to a selection of knowledgeable, professional operators, heli-skiiers will have their choice of terrain totaling over 1.5 million hectares. Explore the varied, unparalleled terrain in an area larger than the entire Swiss Alp mountain range, jumping off your professionally-piloted ride to join your group (and expert guide) to lay down fresh tracks with limitless runs and vertical through champagne powder.

Reason 10: Connect with Local

The true beauty of this region is in the people who live here, as those that call the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast home lead with their heart in everything they do. A visit during the winter provides ample opportunity to really get to know the people that make this place so very special. Spend some time getting to know your accommodation proprietor, cafe owner or experience operator – you’ll be surprised by what you learn!

Start planning your winter visit to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast with the help of our regional guide and ensure you’re ready to travel responsibly this winter.