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Wake up in Nature in a Cozy Cabin or Lodge in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast!

British Columbia’s natural landscapes are the perfect backdrop for a cozy cabin getaway, where you can wake up in nature and decide where the day will take you – exploring history or natural wonders, hiking or biking a trail, taking in a scenic landscape, or simply relaxing! The Cariboo Chilcotinca Coast’s four subregions each offer a different take on natural wonders, so you can decide just what type of nature you’d prefer outside the door of your cozy cabin, cottage or lodge.

Wake up in nature along the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail

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Cameron Ridge Bungalows | John Wellburn

Home to Indigenous peoples since time immemorial and one of the first areas of British Columbia’s interior to be settled by non-Indigenous people thereafter, the 1860s Gold Rush helped to shape the cities and pathways that make up this area today and left a lasting imprint on the land. Visitors can travel in the footsteps of traders, wealth-seekers and cattle ranchers, or learn about traditional cultures, practices and stories.

Stay here if: You enjoy exploring and learning about history, are looking to pair your nature stay in a rustic cabin or lodge with guest ranches or other adventures. Pair with a Gold Rush Trail Road Trip to explore further and learn even more.

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Flying U Ranch | Jonny Bierman

Wake up in nature in the Land of Hidden Waters

Along Highway 24 (the “Fishing Highway”) lies hundreds of lakes and lakefront cabins and resorts, where you can indulge in early morning angling for trout, or simply enjoy watching the sunrise. The lakes are home to hundreds of bird species as well as fauna of the four-legged variety, so feel free to explore hiking trails or take a guided tour.

Stay here if: You enjoy peaceful mornings sipping coffee or tea on the deck of your cottage rental while taking in serene lake views, followed by afternoons full of water pursuits like canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. Anglers will also love that they can fish a new lake here every day (for quite some time).

BC's cozy cabins

Wettstone Guest Ranch | @vancitywild

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Nuk Tessli | Patrick Bates

Wake up in nature in the Chilcotin

Wide-open vistas are the trademark of BC’s authentic frontier – one of the least-populated areas remaining in the province and home to spectacular and sometimes remote locations. This region is also home to Canada’s largest population of bighorn sheep, as well as rare white pelicans, trumpeter swans, bears, lynx, wolves, mountain caribou and hundreds of wild horses. Set in the last intact Grasslands in the world, this area is home to a large portion of British Columbia’s guest ranches, as well as ample waterfalls (including Canada’s highest free-falling waterfall), glaciers and azure-blue lakes.

Stay here if: You want a lodge or cabin getaway that’s away from it all, even if that means you may need to take a floatplane to get there! Or, you love all things guest ranch and look forward to hopping into the saddle to round up some cattle or explore endless trails through the Chilcotin plateau after enjoying a hearty, farm-fresh breakfast.

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Stewarts Lodge | Tyler Cave

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Shearwater Resort - Salmon Fishing BC

Shearwater Resort & Marina

Wake up in nature in the Great Bear Rainforest

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Tweedsmuir Park Lodge | Patrick Bates

There is nowhere else in the world quite like the Great Bear Rainforest, where you can find centuries-old, moss-covered forests of Sitka spice and red cedar, ocean vistas, spirit bears and orcas. Your morning could begin in a waterfront cabin or lodge, breathing in the salt-tinged ocean air and listening to the calls of gulls, or on the porch of a retreat deep in the woods, where the riverbed teams with life and the bears snuffle for their morning meal.

Stay here if: You enjoy the sounds of ocean waves lapping the rocks, spending a day kayaking along the shoreline, or wish to connect with the forest where the only sights and sounds are from the flora and fauna that surround your serene lodgings.

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