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Bella Coola Valley

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Located in the Bella Coola Valley, between Stuie and Hagensborg, Firvale is a small stop on Highway 20 as travellers make their way to Bella Coola and The Great Bear Rainforest.

Firvale is situated at the confluence of Burnt Bridge Creek and the Bella Coola River,

Heading west from Firvale is the charming village of Hagensborg, perfect for resupplying necessities. The coastal village of Bella Coola is an additional 15 minutes down the road.

Firvale is home to wilderness camps, cottages and glamping domes, glaciers, waterfalls and bear-viewing opportunities.

Outdoor explorers will enjoy access to numerous hiking and mountain biking trails throughout the surrounding area, floatplane tours, off-roading adventures and stunning views of lakes, rivers and mountains.

The Capoose Summer Trail Loop begins just outside of Firvale, and connects to the larger Alexander Mackenzie / Nuxalk Heritage Grease Trail for backcountry hiking and camping excursions. The trail is part of the ancient network of “grease” trails climbing the plateau above the valley and heading into Tweedsmuir Park.

Explore a range of ecosystems along the hike including second growth, fire-scarred old-growth and higher up, subalpine and alpine forest. The shorter version of this hike (30 min to 1 hr each way) offers a spectacular viewpoint including Firvale, Glacier and Cacoohtin Creeks, Defiance Mountain to the south and Nusatsum Mountain is to the west.


Suntree Guest Cottages

Suntree Guest Cottages

On the banks of the Bella Coola river, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Suntree Guest Cottages await. A favoured getaway for artists, writers, and photographers as well as those looking to escape city life and reconnect with nature. Rest and relax,…

Firvale Wilderness Camp

Firvale Wilderness Camp

Retreats, packages, and accommodation in the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. We offer safe and affordable guided tour packages in the Bella Coola Valley as well as nightly accommodation rentals.