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Dog/Canoe Creek

Dog Creek Valley in Churn Creek Protected Area | Michael Bednar

Dog Creek is a community located on the Fraser River, 85 kilometres southwest of Williams Lake and is home to the Stswecemc Xgat’tem First Nation (SXFN; St-wet-lem hightlem). Once two distinct bands, the Dog Creek Band and the Canoe Creek Band, the two bands merged together in the late nineteenth century and were then referred to as Canoe Creek Band by the Department of Indian Affairs.

The landscape of the traditional SXFN territory offers visitors a dramatic blend of plateaus, valleys, fertile fields and arid land – providing room for ranches and agriculture to support local residents. Dog Creek offers amenities including a store, gas station and post office, log church and a powwow arbour. Indigenous cultural activities are embraced year-round, including hunting, gathering plants for food and medicine, and fishing.

Canoe Creek offers beautiful scenery, surrounded by a precipitous valley that has featured in several films over the year, excellent for exploration and photography.

This community is not yet ready to welcome visitors. However, businesses in the area would be happy to help you plan your future travel adventures. Please reach out to the businesses you are interested in by selecting their listing below and contacting them via their respective phone number, email and/or website information for inquiries and/or booking information.