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108 Mile Ranch

Watson Lake - 108 Mile Ranch, BC | Michael Bednar

In Cariboo’s 108 Mile Ranch discover a close knit community complete with three lakes, beautiful valley, bird sanctuary, resorts and an extensive 1500 acre greenbelt in a former “recreational” ranch turned community.

With a long and interesting history, 108 Mile Ranch became swept up in the Cariboo Gold Rush in the late 1850s and was aptly named for being the 108th mile on the Cariboo Waggon Road where the 108 Mile Hotel operated from 1875 to 1885. Visitors interested in more gold rush history can visit the 108 Mile Heritage Site – a collection of buildings dating from the mid-1800s to the mid-twentieth century, including a huge log barn that was built in 1908 to house 200 Clydesdales.

108 Golf Resort

108 Golf Resort

The 108 Golf Resort is located in the rolling hills of British Columbia’s spectacular Cariboo region. Graced by two lakes, a CPGA golf course and miles of riding trails through wooded forests, you’ll find ample ways to enjoy your stay.…