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Quesnel Lake

Quesnel Lake, BC | David Jacobson

Quesnel Lake, east of Likely, BC, is considered the world’s deepest fjord lake and the deepest lake in BC with a maximum depth of 511m (1,677 ft). Here mature rainbow trout can reach up to 20 lbs, making an excellent location for freshwater fishing. Due the remote location, Quesnel lake offers the ability to fish right from shore and along tributary streams, or to explore the lake by boat, kayak, canoe, or paddleboard during the summer months.

Silvertip Lodge & Heli-Skiing

Silvertip Lodge & Heli-Skiing

Access the 14-acre Silvertip Lodge perched on the edge of Quesnel Lake for a rustic experience coupled with a luxury wilderness retreat. Arrive by small aircraft, helicopter or boat and make yourself at home in one of the eight bedrooms…

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