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Fishpot Lake Resort - Nazko, BC

Nazko is a small First Nations community 100km/62mi west of Quesnel where the main draw is the surrounding valley, lakes and rivers. The valley lies within the traditional territory of the Carrier (carry-er) people, who once traded widely with neighbouring tribes, exchanging eulachon oil, dried meats, and obsidian along the Nuxalk-Carrier (new-hawk carry-er) Grease Trail. Here in 1793, explorer Alexander Mackenzie was guided by the Carrier on an epic journey that made him the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean by land. The first permanent European homesteader settled locally in 1903, and by the 1920s, trading posts had been built in Nazko, Kluskus and Ulkatcho for trading furs and dry goods with the Carrier, homesteaders and ranchers.

Fishpot Lake Resort

Fishpot Lake Resort

Here at Fishpot Lake Resort we offer 8 lake front cabins and 10 campsites. We have a playground, swim dock, boat launch, and boat dock. We are a 2017 Plateau Fire Survivor. The lake is stocked yearly with trout. We…